Ocean 1

The “Ocean 1” vessel is primary used for diving and snorkeling transportation, and features compartments to hold all equipment necessary for such activities. This vessel is 25ft in length, and open completely.

Ocean 2

“Ocean 2” is an inflatable Zodiac, 34ft in length. “Ocean 2” is primarily used for large diving groups, fishing, and short excursions. This vessel is equipped with the necessary compartments to hold large diving equipment; as well containing a large lounge area for clients.

Ocean 3

“Ocean 3” is an inflatable zodiac vessel, 34 ft in length. “Ocean 3” is primarily used for our private excursions, as it features a large lounging area and sitting area. This boat fits 10 – 12 passengers comfortably. This vessel is used for our excursions in Juan Dolio and Boca Chica.