Diver, Dive Master, Master Scuba Diver,… sometimes it all sounds the same, doesn’t it? You may ask, what’s the difference? While these two diving qualifications seem comprised of the same words, they are quite different.If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a Master Scuba Diver, and a Dive master , let us explain. Think about the relationship between a great home cook and an apprentice chef. Both know a lot about cooking and both can make a delicious meal, but one prepares meals as a hobby, and the other is a chef in the making. If someone is a Master Scuba Diver, that means he or she has significant experience and scuba training.

Fewer than 2% of divers ever achieve this rating, which makes them an elite group.


  • At least 12 years old (12-14 year old earn Junior MSD)
  • (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver certified
  • (Junior) Rescue Diver certified
  • Earned five Specialty Diver Certifications
  • Have logged a minimum of 50 dives